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Kitchen Volunteers

First, Let us say THANK YOU to all who serve as Kitchen Volunteers. It takes a small village to pull off Burger Nights. We can always use more volunteers. We will fit you into the schedule if at all possible. Our Kitchen Volunteer Schedule can be viewed by following this link.  Want to Volunteer? Click here!


Bob Coleman (Active) - (Seasonal)

Rick (Yancy) Derringer (Active) - (Seasonal)

Dan Chaloupka (Active)

Bill Riley (Active)

Rob Vetter (Sub)

Norm Coleman (Sub)


Bob Mageau (Active) - (Seasonal)

Bill Sargent (Inactive) Served 6 years!

Norm Coleman (Sub)


Norm Coleman (Sub)

Tim Rupert (inactive)

Bob Stayrook (Active)

Hal Reinke (Active)

Bill Sargent (Active) Thank you for 6+ years of service. 

Bun Warmer/Toasters

Nancy Stayrook (Active)

Amy Reinke (Active)

Norm Coleman (Sub)

Kym Wendell (Sub) (Seasonal)


Gail Eppler (Active) (Seasonal)

Peter Gould (inactive) (Seasonal)

Nancy Stayrook (Sub)

Dish Cleansers

Tom Romanowski (Active)

Thumper (Active)

Tim Rupert (inactive)

Food Prep 1

(Burger Patties, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles)

Tim Rupert (inactive)

Bill Sargent (Active) Six + Years of Service

Nancy Stayrook (Active)

Bob Stay Rook (Active)

Food Prep 2

(Bacon, Saute Mushrooms & Onions)

Tim Rupert (inactive)

Bill Sargent (Active)

Nancy Stayrook (Sub)

Bob Stayrook (Sub)

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